Hello Monday!

Just a quick little hello monday illustration to start the week off right!
Hope you all have a wonderful week, stay positive and smile! :-)

What makes your heart happy?

This morning I woke up and said, I am going to paint. It felt good to sleep in, drink my coffee and relax. Painting makes my heart happy and brightens up my life. Whenever Evan get's home from work, I drag him into my office and get all excited to show him what I've been working on. It's almost like I have re-ignited that passion and creativity that I used to have when I was a little girl. I would paint & color for hours on end and never ever grow tired.

I don't think we have passions or interests by chance. I truly believe that whatever you are passionate about is a gift and should be used for a greater purpose. Every single person in this world is uniquely special and has different talents, we should all be pursuing our passions and sharing it with the world! Not only will we all be happier personally but most likely those talents/gifts will touch someone else and make a difference in this world.

What makes your heart happy? Whatever it is, go after it!

30 Day Business Cleanse

After reading a semi recent blog post, The 30 Day Creative Business Cleanse by Regina, I felt the need to do a business cleanse as well. The past 6 months have been nothing but go go go which has resulted in myself neglecting certain areas of my business and personal life. I never realized how much work it was going to be moving into a new house and having to unpack, decorate, paint, build things, etc. (on top of working full time and freelancing). My own mistake there, but I learned!

It's time for some down time to organize, de-clutter and get back on track. I will not only be following some of the tips that Regina posted but also digging deeper into my business by focusing only on the things that bring me joy and come naturally. So with that said, I will not be taking on anymore custom design work until further notice. I will open back up in the future, but for now for once I need to focus on myself.

If you follow me on instagram you can see that I have been painting more frequently (as a great stress reliever!) and it has brought such joy back into my life. I plan on keeping that up and see where it can go by incorporating it back into my graphic design. I have a feeling I am on the right path, I just keep listening to that gut & heart of mine!

As an artist we are always growing and evolving, I hope you follow along to see the progress and growth that Hello Monday is embarking on. :-)

Recent Work: Stylishly Sweet Events

The past couple of months I've had the joy to work with these two stylish and sweet ladies of Stylishly Sweet Events based out of San Mateo California. They came to me looking for a new logo & blog design that truly reflected their personalities. After some back and forth we finally settled upon this little beauty.
These girls love anything feminine, girly, mint or gold! We made sure to use these elements throughout their new blog design.
If your located in the Bay area, and are need of some stylish event planners, don't hesitate to contact these ladies! Down to every detail, they will make sure your event is perfect in every way!

Home Update // Seaside Bedroom

Another room semi-complete, a sigh of relief. This seaside bedroom has given Evan a headache, literally. He spent a couple days painting the ceiling, and although it was a pain, it was well worth it! This room was initially a great room but we decided we wanted to turn it into a 3rd  bedroom, not only for re-sale value but in case we ever decide to rent it out we'll get more bang for our buck because of the space. Let's hope we don't leave soon though, with all the work we've been doing it finally feels like our home. I can definitely see us living here for a couple years, and possibly starting a family here. Only time will tell, but I love this house!

This is my favorite room of the house because it's so calming. I love the colors we chose and I love all the bright light coming in, especially on weekend mornings! This winter we are going to tackle refinishing dressers & building a closet. Hopefully we won't lose our minds, but I think we can do it! :-)