If you follow me on Instagram you can see that I have been busy working on my new home office and relaxing a bit by painting! We've been in our new house for half a year now (whoa time flies!) and my office was the last room to be tackled. It has been worth the wait though because it is starting to look beautiful in true Hello Monday fashion! Now that the room is starting to come together, I am seeing all the possibilities where I can take my business in the future. It's amazing what a new space can do to get the creative juices flowing! :-)


I am wrapping up a blog design for Kari Achatz Photography.

Recently finished a logo for Stylishly Sweet Events & working on their new blog design.

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Hello, and Happy Friday!

Hello! It's been awhile! I've been busy working on a couple freelance projects, working my day job & working on the house. Seriously, where does the time go?! Last night was one of those nights, all I wanted to do was paint and spend a little time on myself. With a glass of wine of course. Ha! It's been awhile since I have picked up a paint brush and it felt AMAZING. Painting was my first love and the whole reason I submerged myself into graphic design.

Anyways, I just wanted to share this little watercolor painting that I created because it's so cheerful and because it Friday! Whoohooo! :-) Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


P.S. If your looking for other inspiring watercolor websites, logos, & artwork visit Design Your Own Blog by Marianne Manthey!

The art of doing

How true is this quote? Whenever I feel like giving up, I just remind myself of how far I have come and no matter what everything will always be a work in progress. Good things don't come easy, so keep doing the things that are inching you closer to reaching your dreams! Happy Tuesday! :-)

A Little Getaway

2 weeks ago Evan whisked me off to Lido Key Florida for a little relaxation and sunshine! Every day we fished and swam in the ocean. The sun, sand and warmth is exactly what we needed after a brutal long winter. Lido Key was beautiful and it's on our list to visit again in the future! :-)

Living with Purpose and Intention

A couple weeks ago Evan and I went to Florida for a much a needed getaway. While on vacation, every morning we would pack up our gear and go fishing. As I sit here reminiscing, I visualize myself as the fish, hooked on the other end of the line, fighting for it's life and fighting against something that it cannot control.

Looking back into my 20's, I feel like I struggled and stumbled through life because I was selfish. I was trying to bite off more than I could chew, trying to find love and hanging out people I shouldn't have. Every mistake has led me to this point. My breaking point. 

I'm turning the big 3-0 at the end of the year, and I feel like my life is nowhere near where I had imagined it to be. I thought I would be married by now with a couple kids, working in my dream job, and hopefully making a difference in this world. Don't get me wrong, I'm very happy. I have a full time job that pays the bills, Hello Monday as an amazing freelance job, an amazing boyfriend of almost 6 years, a roof over my head and an amazing family who supports every decision I make. So what more could I want?

I feel myself being called into a different direction in my career. My passion is and always will be designing but I want to help others and make a difference in this world. We're all created to contribute in this world, and I feel like my passions and talents are not being used the way they are meant to be. So I've be questioning, how can I give back? A couple ideas have come to mind, but instead of jumping into them I am going to take my time and when I get the signal to let go, I'm going to. It only took me about 10 years to realize that with faith, patience, strength and passion we can truly discover who we are meant to be. We are meant to live a life full of purpose and intention.