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I am probably one of the most stubborn people ever, always avoiding the doctor because I don't believe in taking pill after pill. But after a month of sleepless nights, endless coughing and a dry scratchy throat that will not go away I broke down and I took myself to see my doctor yesterday, and yup she ruled it out - I'm sick.

It's hard to slow me down, but apparently its necessary or else... you end up burned out and literally looking death. ha!

My mom drove out to bring me her homemade chicken & vegetable soup and it certainly hit the spot! :-) Already feeling better! As we're inching towards the end of the year, Hello Monday will not be taking on any new work until 2013. It's time to get better and most importantly to get our new website, blog and store running! Some "me" time is much needed. :-) I hope you all will stick around, I will try my best to post when I can and most importantly keep up on all of your blogs too! :-)

Catch ya'll later, time for some tea and a nice snuggle with my humidifier.




  1. Glad to hear you are taking some time for yourself! Even the most successful person can not do ANY good for other, if they aren't doing any good for themselves! GET BETTER SOON! {and save me some soup! haha}

  2. Aw, Kristen! I hope you get better extremely soon! I hate to go to the doctor also...and the last time I got sick, i was wiped out for almost an entire week in bed. So glad you're taking time for yourself. Can't wait to see what you do with the new site design! :)

  3. hope you feel better soon!! and that chicken soup looks good and healthy

  4. I'm the same way! I refuse taking medications! Even When I Have Headaches, or what not. Hope you feel better soon! Drink some hot Tea with Honey!

  5. love your blog hun, i'm your new follower! xx

  6. oh gosh Kristen, you went a whole month feeling like that?! girl, you did the right thing by finally biting the Dr. bullet and getting things checked out. woah! sick sucks total, i sure wish you the all wells and sweet, blissful sleeps. get all caught up on health, it's the most important thing ever. and enjoy that awesome looking homemade soup, way to go momma!!!! cheers. ♥


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