Healthy = Happy


Hello Monday! I thought I would share this yummy healthy breakfast of mine. The perfect way to the start the day. Eating healthy makes me a happy energetic girl! :-)

Breakfast includes:

1/2 of a grapefruit
3 pieces of turkey bacon
5 eggs (yes 5! 4 egg whites, 1 with yolk)
Tim Hortons coffee with heavy whipping cream

I always eat my eggs before heading into work and then usually around 10am I will have my second breakfast, a nice bowl of steel cut oats (made with coconut milk) with a tbsp of honey and a banana! DELISH! I'm a fitness nerd, and I eat about small 6 meals a day, have to keep energy levels up and keep blood sugar levels stable.

Do you eat breakfast? If so, doesn't it start the day right and get the creative juices flowing?

On a side note, have you noticed anything different to the blog? It has been transformed to the new "look." :-) What do you think?

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