Last Sunday the boyfriend and I took our adventuring to Bond Lake in Lewiston, NY. It was a chilly 25 degrees but absolutely beautiful with the sun shining. Although I always say I hate the cold and want to move someplace where - these wintery months are actually not THAT bad. When you have activities to do, like cross country skiing, ice skating, and tubing, it actually makes the season fun.


Every weekend we plan on going someplace new. Its fun to go on random "adventures" and to spend quality time with the man doing an activity rather than just eating and watching a movie. ;-) Bond Lake was such a beautiful place, we definitely plan on going back when the snow has melted so we can bring our kayaks out and do some fishing! I'm a country girl at heart. ;-)


Hope you all have a great weekend, get outside and enjoy the great out doors! It really does clear your mind and help re-energize your soul!



  1. I love cross country skiing! I just wish we had a little bit more snow here in my parts...

    1. Isn't it fun!? Usually it snows more up here in Buffalo, but the last year or two has been pretty lame. Snow is melting already... at least we snow for Christmas!

  2. The snow is just beautiful! I wish I could do that where I live!!

  3. Aggggh, JEALOUS!!! Trust'd probably get bored of the usual hot weather in Texas! We only got to see a teeny bit of snow flurries on Christmas day. :/ I'm such a terrible skier (wedging all the way), but tubing is absolutely hilarious, and I can't get enough of it!


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