Dear friday nights, how I love you so! Just a few more hours and hair will be up in a pony, sweatpants on, hoodie on, socks on, make that two pairs of socks on (hey we're below freezing in Buffalo!), cuddled up in a blanket, glass of wine, dinner made by the boyfriend, and snuggling on the couch. Yes I said snuggling. Dear Boyfriend, you are truly amazing. I have no idea how you put up me at times, especially when I am constantly working and chasing dreams. Through ups and downs, I am so glad you are right there at my side. Dear friends who moved away, I think about you every day. Lately I have been really sad, knowing how far apart we are. Distance may come between us, our busy schedules may conflict, but I will always think of you, pray for you, and always love you! Dear Buffalo Sabres, I am so flipping happy that we can watch you once again. I am even more happy when you WIN!



  1. Oh nice, now all I can think about is getting home in my comfy clothes!! We are going to the gym but as soon as I get home from that it's to the couch I go!!

    1. Friday nights were meant for unwinding! :-) LOVE going to the gym on Fridays, not sure about yours, but hardly anyone there! Have a great weekend Cortney! :-)

  2. Always proud of you and thinking of you, too! Xo

  3. Snuggling on the couch is a perfect Friday!!

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