On Sunday my boyfriend and I visited the Bird Kingdom, in Niagara Falls Canada. This is the second time we have been there, and we absolutely love it. Having been cooped up the past two weeks because we were sick, we desperately needed to get out and about!

Sometimes I get a little silly, I begged the boyfriend to take a picture of me "going over the falls". Then I made him do it too. Oh he loves me! :-)

Then we enjoyed our time together, walking around and taking photos of all the beautiful birds. Surprisingly being around so many birds didn't freak me out. It's actually very inspiring, and relaxing. :-)

This guy was kind of scary, he was trying to escape! Most likely to either snuggle or bite. I'm thinking bite!

The boyfriend loves poisonous dart frogs and claims someday when he has a man cave, he will have his own! Hmm... we'll see about that.

Overall it was a great time! I am so glad we got out of the house, and I stepped away from my computer to recharge. Next weekend we are off to someplace new. MINI ROAD TRIP! :-)


  1. oh Kristen, that just looks like a ton of fun! being with the birds or any little creatures brings down the stress levels and i'm sure helped you two feel top drawer again! sorry you both got sick but glad to know you are on the mend. LOVE the barrel shots, so rad!!

    hope you had a full of adventure road trip and are enjoying a wonderful Sunday too! ♥

    1. It was such a blast! Evan and I love escaping to Canada. So many fun and different things to do. I love Buffalo, but we need more activities! :-) and... we're both feeling much better, thank you! <3

  2. looks fun, i recently moved to toronto but still havent visited niagra! great post hun xx


    1. You definitely have to take a trip out there! Its beautiful! We were just up in Toronto this past weekend, and wow was it cold! We're not used to walking everywhere in the freezing cold, so it was definitely a shock for us! haha


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