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March flew by in the blink of the eye. Since time just seems to get away with me, I wanted to start setting monthly goals to keep myself on track! Setting smaller goals by the month rather than by the year, I feel like I will be able to achieve so much more, so here we go!

• Re-develop my brand/services
• Photograph all my work
• Finish The Social Butterfly blog design
• Blog at minimum 2-3 a week
• Start learning Wordpress

1x a week paint
• Keep Saturday mornings open to blog, read & relax
• Get back into the gym 3-5 days a week, try to get up at 5 and start the day off right
• Read for 1/2 hour before bed each night so I can let my mind relax
• Bring yoga back into my life for relaxation
• Stop saying no, and say yes more

What are your goals for the month?


  1. Yes, please to you photographing all of your work and sharing :-)
    I haven't really set any goals this month, probably more so out of fear of failure rather than laziness. I really, desperately, seriously want to get into freelance writing and have put a few feelers out to some magazines here. So I guess a goal would be to obtain one of these jobs! And I just set an April goal! Woohoo!

    1. Start small and work your way up. Blogging is great to get your work out there! :-)

  2. i love this idea and just made my own post -- sometimes i feel so seriously lost with what is appropriate to blog about as a business... this is amazing. already on my calendar to repeat for next month! thanks for sharing!!


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