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April flew by in the blink of an eye! I have to say, the little down time I have been taking has been doing wonders on my happiness, health and drive! I feel like I am more myself, and the stress levels have come down quite a bit, just by making time for myself!

The past month, I have worked on:

+ Going to the gym at minimum 3x a week - 2x a week with my bestie Dawn
+ Trying something new - I dyed my hair ombre and I freakin LOVE it
+ Improving my relationship with my boyfriend - Communication is key
+ Planning excursions - Sundays are the day to explore
+ Saying "no" - Becoming more selective when it comes to design work and not over booking myself
+ Developing my new "look" for Hello Monday - finally heading into the right direction
+ A new blog re-design for a fellow blogger - So excited and so close to the revealing
+ Reading before bed - I just ordered the Happy Project and cannot wait to dig in
+ Eating clean and healthy - goodbye wheat!
+ Making new connections - Surrounding myself with positive go-getters

What did you accomplish and work on within the past month? 


  1. I've been going to the gym 3-4 times a week! You would be proud of me! I can't even believe it! haha

    Loving the new hair color btw! Looks great!

    1. Jess thats freaking awesome! Keep it up! :-) Don't you feel better and have more energy?

  2. + You ROCK the ombre!
    + About 2 months ago, I hit my "Yes" limit. Saying no can be refreshing, and I feel like it helps me stay true to myself, too!

    1. Aw thanks Katie! :-) I def love this look for spring/summer!

  3. You accomplished so much, lady! We've been trying to explore more...and we finally explored most of our entire weekend. I never knew San Antonio had all these little oases up until now. I'm trying really hard not to laugh at that adorable giraffe, by the way.

    1. I feel the same way about Buffalo/Ontario. Theres many awesome spots, once you find them. :-) Glad you exploring more, doesn't it feed your creativity?! I always feel more energized and roaring to go when I get back from a mini trip.

  4. Um your ombre hair is sooooo amazing! You look absolutely gorg!!!


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