A breath of fresh air ...

Two weeks ago I spent a couple days up in the Adirondacks with my boyfriend. Instead of getting a hotel as we normally do, we roughed it and actually camped - in a tent!

The Adirondacks is my favorite place to vacation because my grandfather and grandmother stumbled upon it when my mom and her sisters were little girls. They loved it so much that they came back year after year. Tradition started as my mom and dad dated and got married and started camping there as well. They continued to camp there even after my sister and I were born. I am now the 3rd generation to continue the tradition of visiting the Adirondacks year after year and have visions in my head of bringing my own children here someday. 

Although my Papa passed away years ago, when I'm up there I feel him everywhere. I hope you all enjoy some of the snapshots from my little piece of heaven. <3


  1. This looks like such a beautiful place!! Written down in the place to visit book:)

  2. It is so beautiful! Definitely put it on the top of the list ;-)


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