CHAIN MAIL! Some Q's & A's

My very good friend Jessica over at Creative Index invited me to participate in some fun little Q's & A's. This is such a great and fun idea to get to know other bloggers! I invite everybody to join in on the fun! Just link your blog in the comments and I will be sure to check them out! :-)

1 // Song you can't get out of your head?
This Is How We Do - Katy Perry

2 // Favorite ice cream flavor?

3 // Are you a polka dots, stripes or sequins kind of girl?
Sequins all the way!

4 // Your favorite beauty product or secret?
Paul Mitchell, Tea Tree Shampoo & Conditioner - Makes your hair soft & silky.

5 // Favorite spot in the area (or state) you live in?
Adirondacks - My little piece of heaven

6 // Current app/website addiction (besides Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest)?
HGTV - I could stare at pretty interiors all day...

7 // What’s at the very top of your Christmas list this year?
A nice sparkly diamond ring - wishful thinking! ha

And the fun part... My questions to you! :-)

• Are you in your dream career? If so, what is it? If not, are you working towards it?
• What is your favorite hobby?
• What person inspires you the most?
• What is your favorite book?
• Boots, Booties, or pumps?
• What is your favorite nail polish brand?


  1. YAY!! So glad you played along! :)

    1. Yes!! I love design and can't imaging doing anything else!
    2. I love to bake! And I like to paint.... which I really want to do more of!
    3. My mom and all my aunts inspire me! They're all amazing!
    4. Its been a white since I've picked up a book! Bad I know!
    5. Boots.... but I love a great pair of pumps too!
    6. I usually go for the cheap stuff.... Just picked up Maybelline Color Show in Impeccable Grey 410 (it’s a dark blueish-grey) and I’m really liking it!

    1. You bet I played along! :-)

      I vote you paint more. I always loved your work, even if it was color theory... :-P

      And... if you want a funny book to read - I just finished bossypants by Tina Fey. Her sense of humor will literally make you laugh out loud.


  2. I just recently heard about that book! I will def check it out!

    And I hope you get that sparkly ring too!!! SOON! ;)


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