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HAPPY WEDNESDAY! We're 1/2 way through the week and can you also believe we're in December already!? Where does time go?! This month will be pure craziness. This weekend Evan and I are escaping to Niagara Falls Canada for an early birthday celebration (I turn the big 2-9 on December 18th!) and we are closing on our house on Monday.  I cannot wait for the wine tour and dinner in the Skylon tower! This might be one of our last outings for awhile as we start our lives in a new home! :-)

Do you have any special plans this weekend?

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  1. i seriously am having some trouble comprehending the fact that December's here already too Kristen! sorta took me by surprise. we've had a crazy beginning also, glad to hear we're not alone although i hope to goodness that the stellar get-away plans make things more-better :) sounds like an awesome way to get in the xmas/b-day spirit!!

    exciting times all around - cheers to a smooth house closing too! ♥


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