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I'm so happy to share that I am starting work on a new blog design for my good friend Laura. This girl has got style, edge and has one of the biggest hearts I know. She is always putting others first before herself, and is always giving back by participating in fund raisers. Not only does she give back, she has a head full of knowledge specializing in social media marketing. If you need help developing a social media plan, she is your go to girl! When she's not giving back, working, or rocking out some fabulous outfit, she is probably hanging out with Katy Perry. Ok maybe not all the time, but she's met her a couple times and even got pulled up on stage with her! (Jealous!) Overall, this girl is one of my favorite people and I am so so so so so excited to be working with her again on her blog re-design.


  1. What a wonderful color palette! Orchid is 2014's Pantone color of the year! So pretty!

  2. I am so excited. It's so real now! Haha - :) I just might use some of what you wrote for an About Me... it's really intriguing - ;) Xoxo


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