Home Update // Nautical Living Room

July marked 6 months of being in our new home. Time flies by! Over the winter Evan and I spent most of our time going through thousands of paint swatches (I'm not exaggerating) and painting the whole house. We also managed to tackle some little DIY projects. This past month, on a couple rainy days, we finally wrapped up our nautical themed living room!

We made the shelves, coffee table & tv stand. Painted the mantel, gold fireplace cover & walls. Added decor throughout, some of it which belonged to our grandparents. Evan wanted a ship painting for the room, so I painted him one. At first I wasn't sure how I felt about it, as I am my worst critic, but I've grown to love it. He was so happy when he came home for work and saw it complete. It's probably become one of my favorite paintings to date, even though it's a bit more on the darker side.

Overall, we still have a little bit more work, like getting my work out gear out of the living room and into the spare room! (That's our last room to tackle. Right now it's a compilation of Evan's clothes, artwork, and piles of books.) It will eventually be my work out room...but I have a feeling it won't be complete until winter rolls around again. We've been enjoying the weather and trying to get outside as much as we can. Summer is way too short, might as well enjoy it! :-)

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