3 Factors Influencing Your Blogs 1st Impression

Hello Monday! Today is day 6 of Marianne's Design Your Own (lovely) Blog blog tour. Marianne has been helping women to create lives they love by giving them confidence when it comes to their own blog designs. This tour began on Monday, November 3rd and continues on until November 20th. 14 bloggers, over the course of 14 days, will each share something unique to help improve your blog design through appearance and functionality. Today I am sharing 3 Factors Influencing Your Blog's 1st Impression. So grab a cup a coffee and let's get to it!

Most of us would hate to admit that we form an opinion about new person within minutes of meeting them. Let's look at the the job interview situation. If someone showed up to the interview all disheveled what would that potential employer think?

When it comes to your blog the appearance should also be one of your top priorities. From color, layout and content, you want your professionalism to shine through. You have seconds to wow your reader, if not they will leave your page and who knows if they will return or not.

The overall appearance of your blog is crucial. I will run you through three tips + tricks keep your readers on your page and coming back for more.


Think simple. Don't be afraid of white space. Allow your content and logo to stand out. Avoid dark backgrounds and light text because they are often hard on the eyes. Use a lighter color background and dark text like black, dark gray, navy, eggplant, etc.

Color also plays a role in how your readers will portray your personality. Colors on the light pastel side are often soft, delicate and feminine, whereas colors bold like red might portray deeper feelings such as anger, love and passion.


The layout of your blog should be easy to navigate. Nothing is more annoying than not being able to find what your looking for. In most cases, everyone reads left to right. You want your most important information to appear first like your logo or blog name.

Next would be navigation and your posts. For posts on the longer side try using the read more option so only a paragraph shows. This will also generate interest and make your reader click through to find out more.

Your sidebar should be on either the left or right side. Keep the sidebars organized and to a minimum. Adding too much content can distract your readers and force them leave your page. Also consider the ordering of the widgets. What is the most important information? Put that information at the top.


First start by setting your copy font size to something 12px or bigger. If you have amazing content but the text is illegible, what's the point of even posting?

Next, create content that your readers will enjoy. Yes, your blog is about you but it's important to put information out there that your dream clients/readers will want to share. Sit down and brainstorm. Think about what your readers might want to learn from you. You are the expert! Write it all down, it doesn't matter if it's a good idea or a bad idea, just the let the ideas flow. The more ideas you write down the better the content will become.

Lastly, another factor to not overlook is to always spell check. No one is perfect and I am the first to admit that I'm a horrible speller but that little handy duty spell check works wonders!

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Thanks again for following along! I hope these couple tips + tricks helped spark some ideas for improvement within your own blog. Don't forget to check out last Friday's post Quick Tips to Eliminate Clutter On Your Blog by Elaine and be sure to check out Angie's post tomorrow!

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  1. Great tips Kristen and all so very valid! Color and layout are oh so important but so is content. I hear so many people saying to write what you want to write, not what other people want you to write. Well while that's kinda true, if you're only writing for yourself, why should anyone read it then, right?

    1. So true, there has to be a balance about what you write!

  2. TOTALLY get what you're saying about the layout. When a layout isn't right... nothing is right!

    1. I agree, the layout itself can totally throw you off!

  3. Great tips, Kristen! You wouldn't show up in sweats when meeting a potential client for the first time, right? Your website shouldn't be wearing sweats either. ;)


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