A New Direction ...

Hey guys! It's been a bit quiet on the blog lately, however if you follow me over on instagram you can see that I've been quite active posting all my recent paintings. The past couple of months I stopped taking on client work in order to simply create. The time off has been so therapeutic and has allowed me to see that Hello Monday needs to move into a new direction. I wanted to share with you all the history behind the brand of Hello Monday. It all started 5 years ago and has been slowly transforming into something that I had never imagined. Read along and find out why!

The Birth of Hello Monday
Hello Monday was dreamed up over 5 years ago by a friend and myself. Right out of college, the both of us yearned for a new adventure and a business that focused on small business branding and development. Our main goal and mission was to help others love their jobs, even on Mondays! Hello Monday started to take off as we took on more and more clients, local and across the states. Then life happened. Things changed drastically in our personal lives and it became a chore to take on work rather than it being enjoyable. She had moved states away and I was over my head stressed with my full time job. Our emotions didn't display our original mission statement, therefore, things needed to change.

Hobby vs. Career
The stress and changes within our personal lives lead to a very uncomfortable conversation about the future of Hello Monday. Was this a hobby or was this a potential full time career? Our two women split and business kept running as usual. To this day, my heart still breaks because I wish things didn't end that way. If I would have known then, what I know now, things could be different. This experience taught me so much. I learned that everyone has different aspirations, but the most important thing while running a business is that everyone needs to be on the same page in regards to future goals, the kind of work they want to take on, and even daily responsibilities. Everyone needs to pull the same amount of weight and everything must be agreed upon before jumping in. If you don't have those basic things down, the operation of the business won't run smoothly and no one will have a clear direction as to their role.

Hello Monday Part Time Vs. Full Time Job
Last year was by far the toughest year of my life so far. I was putting in my normal 40+ hours at work, and then taking on some freelance blog designs through Hello Monday. I had no time leftover to myself and quickly was running myself into the ground. Overworked and overwhelmed, we also lost my fiancé's Grandma. We watched her deteriorate and then slowly pass away. It was by far one of the hardest things I had to witness. That moment when we lost her I had reached my breaking point. My full time job and all the extra work I was taking on was taking over my life. I realized quickly how precious life is and that I wasn't living it to the fullest. My work to life balance was way off, and quickly I realized that things needed to change. I finished up the last couple projects in my design queue and stopped taking on client work.

Saying No in order to say Yes
Saying "no" was hardly ever in my vocabulary. I used to jump at every opportunity possible because I wanted to make others happy. I didn't care that it put my needs and wants last, I wanted to make others happy. By saying no to new job requests, I felt guilty and felt like I was missing out on some great opportunities. As time went on I realized that I had made the right decision to take time off because everything that I had been doing in the past was something that my heart wasn't fully into. Sure I enjoyed working with some fabulous clients, but I wasn't truly myself. I was just doing these jobs because this is what I went to school for and this was something that I was "supposed to do". With the extra time I had made for myself, I picked up my paintbrushes, that had been tossed aside for way too long, and began to create.

A New Direction
Painting has always been one of my favorite hobbies. As a child I would paint and draw for hours and never grow tired. To this day, I feel the same. When I'm cranky, stressed and absolutely miserable to be around, my fiancé will usually tell me " You need to go paint." When I paint, the whole world disappears. I play music, dance, and just let the emotions take over. I don't over think, I take what I feel inside and let it out on canvas or paper.

Growing up I was always told that artists can't make a living and that it's not a real career. I'm standing here today, watching other artists succeed, and am realizing those statements aren't true. If you love what you do, anything is possible. Although I sometimes wish I would have done things differently in the past, I truthfully wouldn't trade those past experiences for anything. Every experience, good or bad, has brought me to this point. As each day passes I can feel life gently moving me into a new direction and into a new season of growth. It's terrifying but yet at the same time exciting. There is a fire within me that I have never felt before and I'm excited to start a new chapter doing something that I actually enjoy whole heartily.

Hello Monday's branding, blog, website and services will be changing again but this time it will be transforming into something that truly originates back to the original mission statement, to love what you do, even on Mondays. It's my goal to create a life that I love living and to share it with others. I hope to inspire, encourage and allow others to see life in a brand new way, as something to be thankful for and appreciative of. Each one of us has passions and god-given talents for a reason but it's all about how you use it and share it with the world.

Life is a celebration and our time on this earth is short. It's so important to find out what you truly love to do and to let it shine! So with that said, hang tight because things will be slowly changing around here!



  1. What an exciting new direction - I think it sounds fantastic!

  2. Thanks Kristi! :-)


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